Narrative data for AI movie understanding



203 movies totaling 353 hours in comedy, romance, action, etc. 10 movies each for validation and testing.


Video-aligned Chinese and English narration texts, including 71K raw narration segments and 46K merged narrations paragraphs.


Movie metadata like introductions, genres, subtitles, character names, and actor portraits. Each movie contains 7.3 characters on average.




Outside the house, he picked up Xiaotian with one hand supporting his bottom, then turned to look in the direction of Xu Baijiu, locking eyes with him. Xu Baijiu watched the family of four, slowly stood up, then blended into the crowd and followed behind them.

Liu Xuan looked at Li Ruolan at the door, walked over to her excitedly and hugged her. Li Ruolan reached out to hug Liu Xuan back, her smile growing bigger. Liu Xuan then stepped back from Li Ruolan's embrace and held her arms up and down, examining her.

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